There are nine 9) departments in all works together as a team to accomplish the company’s goals. These are:

• Administrative Department
Administration department is backbone of our company. The department is the link between the various departments and ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to the other. The department comprises of the administrator who ensures the efficient performance of all departments in the company. She also acts as a connecting link between the senior management and the employees. Forming this efficient team also includes the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, two administrative assistants and front desk officers.

• Creative Department

The Creative department is the engine of the company. It's the lifeblood of the business because the creative department is responsible for the outlook of all our products with good typesetting, page layout and illustrations. The creative department is a team of five staffs, two typesetters and three graphic designers. They get the books ready from the writing stage by the author to the design stage and finally to the printing and finishing stage.

• Marketing Sales Department

The marketing department is the largest department in the company with fifteen staffs, segmented into four groups. They are very aggressive, moving the company to every corner of the country. The company produces text books and supplementary readers for Basic and Second cycle institutions annually. The company supplementary readers and text books serve as the main source where over three million children in the Basic Schools (Primary and Junior High Schools) get their books. We also sell to the Ghana Government (GES) parents of school children and some West African countries and also to Ethiopia. This responsibility of the department includes research and development, pricing, distribution, customer service, sales and communications.

• Audit

The Internal Audit Unit of the company has three Audit Assistants and Internal Auditors.
The Unit is responsible for monitoring, reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of the control systems in order to provide assurance and recommendation to management on policies, procedures and regulations.

• Accounts
The Accounts Unit which is responsible for the receipt and expenditures of the company. The department is made up of 3 Account officers, 2 Cashiers, 2 Systems administrators and an Accountant who heads the unit. They also record the various transactions as well as prepare the financial statements of the company.

• Transport
The Company has a fleet of vehicles which are used for by the staff for various activities, that is; Administrative travels, distribution and delivery of products. The companies’ fleet comprise: 10 delivery vans, 12 pickups, 3 country vehicles and a saloon car. There are 7 drivers in this unit headed by the Transport officers and the Chief Driver.

• Stores

There are four members in the department. This Department of the company is responsible for the reception, keeping and issuing of inventory for the press and to the marketing officers.

• Security

The company recruits and train its own security personnel with the assistance of security experts. In all 7 men have been employed to protect and safeguard the company’s properties. They run a twelve hour shift and the Chief Security Officer superintend them.

• Sanity & Maintenance

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness as such the company pays special attentions to her environment ensuring a clean and tidy work environment. 2 ladies and a gentleman are engaged to take care of the janitorial responsibilities of the company and two men for maintaining the buildings and equipments.