Global Series English Language Textbook is written to cover the entire three year WASSCE syllabus for English Language designed by Curriculum Research Division Directorate (CRDD) of the Ministry of Education. The book deals with every bit of the syllabus in a manner that an average student would follow it independently.

The arrangement of the contents of the book follows the syllabus directly such that all the major aspects of the subject are repeated in each year. Thus; each year contains Grammar, Comprehension, Summary and Composition. However, the contents become slightly different as you progress from one year to another.

Some of the special features that make this book unique are the numerous questions available at the end of each unit and each year of the students to practice. In addition, the author and the reviewers have provided answers to these questions at the last unit of the book for the students to compare their own answers with.  This will enable them to identify where they went wrong or otherwise. Furthermore, there are eight countdown exercises ranging from unit eleven to eighteen comprising past WASSCE questions carefully selected by the author and the reviewers to augment the earlier materials treated. It will also enable the students appreciate what is expected from them during the final examination which is conducted by West African Examination Council (WAEC).

With the author’s and the reviewers’ rich experience in teaching English Language at the lower and higher levels, there is no doubt that the book would solve the needed challenges of many students and teachers as far as teaching and learning English Language is concerned.