Our aim was to write a textbook that was sensitive to the needs of students in the second cycle institutions. The book is detailed written to cover the entire Senior High School elective Biology syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. The book is specially designed to present essential facts and basic principles required by the present syllabus in the most concise and comprehensive manner possible. The authors’ rich experience enabled them to illustrate concepts clearly and effectively using summary tables, comparison tables and techniques such as the ability to relate facts and apply scientific concepts new situations and the ability to analyze, interpret, manipulate experimental data and draw conclusions from their interpretation.


We are therefore delighted to able to pass this work into the capable hands of Enyonam Afi Amafuga, Augustine Prepreh Yeboah, Florence Linda Eshun and Kofi Kwarteng. It would be hard to imagine anyone more ideally suited to this task. The authors are outstanding scholars, who have glittering publication records in the Biology field. They manage to combine their scholarly talent with enthusiasm for teaching second cycle Biology. Inspiring the students with their love of the subject and assisting them clarity.

It is therefore, not surprising that the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service have adopted the book as the government textbook for the Senior High Schools throughout the country. The book is essential for teaching and learning Biology in the second cycle institutions.