Approachers Series Food and Nutrition Textbook for Senior High Schools (SHS) is written with the main objective of covering the whole Senior High School’s Food and Nutrition syllabus in a manner that would be sensitive to the needs of the course as part of their studies. Another important aspect of the book which the author focused and laid emphasis on was examination questions successfully.

The new syllabus has been treated comprehensively. Each chapter of the book begins with learning objectives adhering strictly to the current Senior High Schools’ Food and Nutrition syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education through Ghana Education Service (GES).

Numerous exercises consisting of both structured questions and objective tests carefully selected and designed to reflect the current trend of assessment are found at the end of each chapter. The following features give the book additional quality:

• The book is specially designed to present essential facts and basic principles required by the syllabus in the concise and comprehensive manner possible.
• It illustrates concepts clearly and effectively.
• It develops a variety of examination skills and techniques such as the ability to relate facts and apply concepts in new situations, and the ability to analyze, interprets, manipulate facts, scenarios and draw conclusions from their interpretations.
• It provides detailed answers and guides students by pointing out the common errors made by most students so that such errors can be avoided in future.

Approachers Series Food and Nutrition Textbook for Senior High Schools present a whole new approach to help students gain greater confidence and competence in attempting Food and Nutrition questions and present logical argument in debate. It is an essential guidebook recommended to supplement and complement classroom teaching and other textbooks.