This book aims at simplifying definitions, terms and other concepts used in the subject of ICT. It is enriched to give thorough understanding primary school pupils so that they can acquire skills in using the computer confidently to do basic things on their own, even without the help of an instructor.

Approachers Series appreciate the effort of all stakeholders who contributed to the development and implementation of ICT education into the national development agenda. It is no doubt the National ICT Policy for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) is also critical about predisposing basic knowledge and skills in ICT to all primary school pupils in Ghana. As a matter of fact, knowledge and skills so acquired in ICTs can be applied in other areas of study. Moreover, it is a way to make pupils in the primary schools far appreciates changes that ICTs can bring to their lives as they grow in this era of information age.

In contributing to this important initiative, this book has been carefully planned and written to suit the level of understanding of pupils in the primary schools. Though it is not easy to introduce completely new terms to pupils at this foundation level, the authors still thought it necessary to break them down to the understanding of all categories of pupils in the primary schools.

This book is designed to help pupils

• Understand the uses of ICT tools in everyday life, especially the computer.
• Acquire mouse skills through the double-clicking action of the mouse in opening icons on the desktop.
• Enhance their mouse skills through the game of Spider Solitaire.
• Reinforce mouse skills by locating and opening Paint and Notepad application programs as well as the Start menu.
• Understand uppercase and lowercase characters by typing them to reinforce further keyboarding skills using WordPad program.
• Know basic window management through the use of the control box as pupils work in more than one application program.
• Draw and colour images with Paint Application tools such as the pencil and Fill with Colour tools all to enhance mouse skills.