Approachers Series Citizenship Education aims at producing competent, reflective, concerned and participatory citizens who will contribute to the development of the communities and country in the spirit of patriotism and democracy.

The book focuses on problems/challenges of human survival in Ghana. It exposes pupils to the persistent, contemporary issues hindering the development of the nation and the desired attitudes, values and skills needed to solve these problems.

The book also covers all the objectives of the citizenship education syllabus which will help pupils to:

1. Build attitudes and values needed to solve personal and societal problems.
2. Develop critical thinking skills.
3. Develop a sense of national consciousness, unity and development.
4. Acquire desired characteristics of a Ghanaian patriot.
5. Develop an appreciation for peace and always work towards it.

The book presents essential facts and basic principles by the syllabus in the most concise and comprehensive manner possible. The book follows closely the units and section of the syllabus. Specific objective for each section of the units are identified.

The book is recommended to the general public and not to students only. It provides the menu for success and every book shelf should have a space for it.