The fact that Religious and Moral Education play a vital role in the development of the total personality of the individual cannot be over-emphasized. It is as a result of this that Approachers Ghana Limited has taken the time and pain to come out with Religious and Moral Education syllabus prepared by the Curriculum Research and Development Division (CRDD) of the Ministry of Education.

The six books have been written to address the beliefs, the worship and prayer of the three main religions in Ghana namely; Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion. Besides these areas, the books also address social economic and rural values of cultural life, environmental safety, rewards and punishments, substance abuse and the social menace HIV/AIDS.

In preparation of the books, serious considerations were given to age, understanding and reading abilities of all pupils at the various class levels. Carefully designed pictures and diagrams are provided where necessary for further illustrations.

It us the hope of the writer and the publisher that teachers, pupils as well as the general public will find the books very useful.