Approachers Series Mathematics for Junior High Schools is designed to cover the various aspect of the Junior High School Mathematics Teaching Syllabus provided by the Curriculum Research and Development Division (CRDD) of the Ministry of Education. The book is written to provide knowledge and mathematical skills to pupils from various backgrounds and levels of ability. To achieve this aim, several factors were taken into consideration in writing the book.

These include mathematical skills and concepts, terminology and vocabulary usage and the level of proficiency in English among teachers and pupils. Thus irrespective of the standard attained by the children at the primary school level, the book is designed to meet their needs.

The book is specially focuses on how the pupils will be able to read and interpret mathematical data, reason logically, solve problems involving calculations and mathematical data and interpretations. Acquiring these skills is very essential in the future careers of the pupils and this will be beneficial to the society and nation at large.

It is expected that the skills and knowledge gained from this book will serve as necessary requirements for effective studies in mathematics, science and other discipline at all levels of Junior High School and other higher levels.