The Global and Approachers Series Social Studies is an entirely new style of Junior High School Social Studies textbook. Mainly, textbooks on Social Studies are very close, dense and little in the way of interactive materials to help a student sail his or way through the course of study on a given topic. The purpose of this book is that, it is to try to make learning each topic easy by focusing on actual learning needs, and thus providing a range of different assessment questions.

All topic areas are broken up into “bite size” sections with the logical progression and extensive use of headings and numerous sub heading. Each topic contains variety of illustrations, photographs, diagrams, charts and key fact summaries to reinforce the information in the body of the text.

Additionally, the book includes much formative ‘self testing’, with a variety of activity to help the student gain a good idea of his or her progress in the course.

Finally, Social Studies is not a “dry” academic subject, it covers issues that affect all our live such as problems and development in Ghana, Adolescent productivity and health, entrepreneurship and production in Ghana.

Therefore, students or children must be encouraged to take this course with much seriousness.