Approachers Series French Question and Answers for Junior High Schools consists of past B.E.C.E. examination questions from 1990 to date. The questions consist of both multiple choice and structural questions. The answers to the structural questions are thorough with additional notes or information given to further assist students in understanding the concepts involved.

According to the author, practicing questions is the best possible way to prepare for examination. However, if you know the subject, practice will always improve your chances of success. And no matter which subject you are studying, practice is the only way to learn the art of answering questions accurately, and of understanding what the examiner expects.

The author of Approachers Series French Questions and Answers is well experienced examiner. For each subject, has compiled a broad selection of questions, most from past papers and some newly written. He then concludes with fully worked answers so that you can compare your answers. Finally, the author shows you what makes a really good answer and the most common mistakes.