Approacher’s Ghana Ltd.  is a leading  publishing company in West Africa with its registered office in Kumasi; Ghana. The company undertakes all kinds of publishing jobs with rich experience all round. The company has over fifteen years experience in the publishing field including developing, printing and distribution of teaching and learning materials for the target group. The company is proud of its skills in project management, anther commissions, financial management, publishing and environmental management. Our committed staffs are much experienced in page design and layout, text setting and illustration of artwork, text and art editing etc.

The company’s representatives can be found  in all the Ten regions of  Ghana—Central, Greater Accra, Volta, Eastern, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Western, Upper East, Upper West and Northern Region.






• Approachers Series Mathematics for Junior High Schools is designed to cover the various aspect of the Junior High School Mathematics Teaching Syllabus provided by the Curriculum Research and Development Division (CRDD) of the Ministry of Education.

• Approachers Series Primary Mathematics Workbook is a series of six books ranging from primary 1 to 6.

• Book of Phonic is a series of five books written specifically for beginning readers.

• Our books are specially designed to present essential facts and basic principles required by the syllabi in the most concise and comprehensive as possible.

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